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Your Commitment to Law Enforcement Training

A career in public safety takes commitment and training. The Academy is not a career exploration course. It is intended for those individuals who are ready to invest in preparing for a career in law enforcement. Some of the duties performed by peace officers can include:

  • Patrolling an assigned area to prevent crime, apprehend suspects, control traffic, enforce laws and regulations, make evictions and post notices of auction.
  • Conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations for suspected criminal activity and traffic accidents.
  • Appear and testify in court.
  • Guard, control, supervise, and transport inmates in detention facilities.
  • Plan and implement various crime prevention and public relations programs in the community.


The Academy is very demanding and requires a tremendous amount of commitment, focus, and time. Be sure to have all of your personal matters resolved prior to the start of the Academy. Be prepared to give 110% in all phases of the Academy - anything less is unacceptable.

  • Estimate about $5,000-6,000 to complete the basic academy or all three levels of modular training which is equivalent to the basic academy but is completed on a part-time basis.
  • You need a reliable vehicle that conforms to California Vehicle Codes.
  • Be physically prepared!  The Academy is not the place to begin your physical training program. At minimum be prepared to complete a 3 to 4 mile run at a steady pace without stopping and have the upper body strength to complete numerous sets of push-ups and sit-ups in rapid succession.
  • Be mentally prepared! You need to be able to think well and remain calm under high stress situations. You also need to follow directions and take orders without feeling the need to question.
  • Look professional on your first day.

The Academy is difficult and challenging and our standards are high throughout the program. If you are unsure about something and/or have any questions or concerns, contact the staff for guidance. We are here to help you achieve your career goals and we don’t want you to spend your time and money in vain.

Ask Yourself . . .

  • Am I ready to commit myself entirely to the Academy?
  • Am I financially prepared to cover the costs associated with the Academy?
  • Am I financially prepared to support myself and/or my family throughout the entire Academy?
  • Am I prepared to fully participate in physical training?
  • Am I prepared to fully participate in the academy’s high discipline, high stress environment?
  • Do I have the full support of my family?
Read the Guidelines for Attending the Academy

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