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Registration Policy


Students can obtain specific information about a course by contacting the coordinator or agency primarily responsible for presenting the class. Each class flyer from the links at the left has the contact information you will need.

Reservation information for courses at the facility may vary based on agency procedures. Please refer to the individual instructions for each organization listed below for further information.

Resident & Non-Resident Fees

To be considered a California resident for tuition purposes you must have lived in California for at least one year and one day prior to the residency determination date (the first day of the semester you plan to attend), and you can prove you intend to stay in California.

Students who do not meet these requirements will be classified as nonresidents and will be required to pay the non-resident fees. Nonresident students pay both the current per unit enrollment fee and the unit non-resident tuition.

International students also pay a unit surcharge.

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